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speakingxrussian said: Little thing (( because Arvo is awkward as fuck with children tbh ))


Send “Little thing” and my character will tell you something as a child.

Troy gawks up in awe at the tall teenager,
a bit confused as to why he looks scared.
Well, not really scared… uncomfortable. He
looks like he doesn’t know what to do, and
that makes Troy a bit nervous.

The child notes Arvo’s broken frames and
asks, “What happened t’your glasses?”

  Arvo let out a loud sigh as he leaned on the rickety door frame beside him, watching the others head off down the path to the woods. They had all left to go try and find supplies, since they were running low and all.

  Though they had decided someone had to stay behind with the kid, said it was pointless for the kid to come along but couldn’t stay alone, so!

  That someone they picked, was Arvo. Um. For some reason. 

  Arvo tried to protest this choice by bring up the fact he was horrible with children, but.. It didn’t do much. They didn’t even let him finish his sentence before they were out the damn door.                                                                           So, he guessed he just had to accept the fact he was going to be stuck with this kid for a couple hours. 

  Speaking of the kid— while he was stood there, watching the others wander off, he felt someone staring straight at him. Which I mean, would make him uncomfortable either way, child or not. 

  Anyway, he turned his head and looked down at Troy, raising a eyebrow at them when they asked what they did. He thought it was a kind strange thing to care about, but its not that big of a deal of course.

      ❝ I tripped one time, fell and hit face on thing. Hence glasses being broken, is all. ❞


    Arvo knew he was kind of bullshitting that story, but he didn’t think it was that bad of a lie. It was just still a little embarrassing to tell the actual story/ Which by the way, was that he accidentally hit himself in the face with a rifle.                             The kickback scared the shit out him the first time he shot one, he jumped like five feet in the air and jerked the gun up. 

  You can guess what happened. 

  He was sure the kid wouldn’t question it though, so. 

russianfemale said: Little thing

Tasha! Tasha!

  The little boy squeaked out happily as he rushed to his sister as fast as his tiny legs would take him. He was tightly holding a small box of candy in hand, he and his sister hadn’t had anything to eat in some time.                                                                      So, the boy’s excitement wasn’t that surprising. 

❝ Смотри, что я нашелконфеты!

    Arvo said with a big, toothy grin on his face. He held up the box, seeming pretty proud of his find.                                                                                                   He was just hoping his sister wouldn’t bring up the fact he had to wander away from her to find this though.                                                                                       Since thats never fun, of course.  

   Though in the end, it wasn’t the possible scolding his sister would give him that wiped the smile off his face. It was just a thought that had cropped up in his head rather out of the blue.                                                        

  What if it had gone bad already?      

   Arvo frowned before quickly flipping the box over so he could try exactly that out. He guessed that eating expired candy would be pretty gross, huh?


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(( the snuggle interaction is so adorable what the f r i c k



… When is he not tho ))

(( …Tbh Natasha isn’t much better in the dweeb-ness


(( Okay so like I finally got sims 4 today and I made Arvo, Ben and Natasha 



specialforceskid said:



❝ Okay, so… First you threaten to punch my face.. Now you are calling me attractive


❝  ..Either you are just kinky, or very mixed signaly? 


         ¤  ”Maybe I just wanna punch your cute little face. Did you think about that?”

❝ …Well one let us not, I have been punched in face before and is not fun.

❝ Two, fine I guess I did not think about that, so you take point there.


❝ ..Also thank you for call me cute.. Never thought was type, but here we are.